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Friday, October 20

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Tales from the Steppes


12:40 a.m.
Thursday, October 26

So I may actually be going to a Halloween party this weekend.

Assuming I can find a babysitter.

I don't really go to many parties because the SU is not much a party animal and we tend to move in different social circles. But he is going out of town for the weekend, so I have no problem with going out by myself.

The real problem is coming up with a costume. I told the EM I thought I might wear my Hawaiian mixed drink outfit and she was vehement about that being a bad idea. It is the first time I have ever come close to embarassing her with my dress or behavior. That she knows about... And I guess it is true that it might be a tad chilly for the coconut bra, grass skirt, pineapple head, bamboo umbrella, tiki cup and blue body paint. Perhaps I have reached that "certain age" when this sort of costume is no longer a good idea.

Maybe it was never a good idea.

What to wear, what to wear.

I thought about my Cthulhu head but that isn't very sociable. The tentacles tend to be a bit imposing, people go all glassy eyed around you. As well as most people not knowing what the hell you are supposed to be. "Is that a giant scary squid on your head?" No, it is an Elder God. Bow down, snack!

One friend suggested I dress as Jessica Rabbit. Not quite it. I swore off hair coloring after the temporary dye incident when I tried to dye my hair black in college to be Morticia Adams. Lets just say that I do not look good with dark hair and more importantly, hair strippers suck. The black dye did not cover my highlights so I had muddish hair with reddish, blondish highlights. As you might can tell, it was a bit traumatic.

But this got me thinking, what about Barbie? Could I be some permutation of a Barbie? If I was a Barbie, which one would I be? Overcomitted Barbie? If I drank more coffee,(ok, any coffee) I could be Starbucks Barbie. I am sure I can come up with some theme, get a padded pushup bra, wear some makeup, heels, maybe get my hair done as a bouffant. And talk in that Barbie voice used in Toy Story II. Maybe wear a pair of white gloves.

I will certainly take suggestions for this one....

Isn't it nice that I am not whining about my job?

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