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1:51 p.m.
Wednesday, October 18

Seasons don't fear the reaper Nor do the wind, the sun or the rain - Blue Oyster Cult Yesterday was one of the most rushed days I can remember in some time. I had to be in at work by 7:30 so that I could go out and do some fieldwork with a coworker. Who then dropped me at a metro station so I could take the metro downtown to attend a lecture. After the lecture, I had to get back to the metro to make it back to my office in time for a 1:30 meeting. And then I had to leave the meeting early, by 3:45, so I could drive to Baltimore and make a 5pm presentation. I finally got home last night at 10:20, after stopping at the grocery store. Bleah! The amazing thing was that I made it through all of that with only being late to the morning lecture. In the rain. Also amazing was that I accomplished all of that in one set of clothes, with heels no less, and only received one blister for my troubles.

My assistant coach has the most incredible luck. Every time I cannot make it to practice or a game, a total of 3 times, it rains enough to cancel. So far, he has not had to deal with the boys by himself. Of course, he has missed at least
5 practices or games, and it has not rained a single time.

I have a decision to make regarding work and am very much on the fence about it. There are other openings in the building that would pay more and be less stressful. I could apply for one of those. However, that would leave my coworkers to pick up my work as well as theirs. I also have some excellent opportunities coming my way, if I am a little patient.

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